Wall Plaster

Wall Plaster

When you ask about wall plaster, it is a pasty composition used for walls and ceilings. The mix primarily consists of water, sand, lime, and gypsum, depending on the requirements. The usage and application are for coating the partitions, and walls. The plastering technique has remained one of the ancient methods and now has become most common for construction.

Besides the information about wall plaster, let us take a look at the types.

  • Lime plaster - a mix of sand and lime (calcium hydroxide)
  • Cement plaster - Mixture of sand, water, and cement
  • Clay and mud plaster
  • Cow dung plaster
  • Stucco plaster
  • Gypsum plaster - the most commonly used for interior walls - residential & commercial buildings
Spray plaster walls

Take a look at the benefits and application of spray plaster on walls.

  • You get clean walls without any collection of debris. Further, you can also fill holes with a mortar mix.
  • Ensure to use a bonding compound before applying spray plastering on walls
  • For the application, spray in a bottom to top approach for best results
  • You can use aluminum bars after the spray plastering is done. That is beneficial to make the walls leveled.