Cement Plaster

Cement Plaster

Cement plaster is applied to the interior walls as well as exterior surfaces to make the surface smooth. The cement based plasters are mostly made with a mix of Portland cement, water, plaster, and sand. Sometimes a final layer of gypsum plaster is applied to the cement plaster.

Talking about the types of cement based plasters, here are some of them.

  • Portland slag cement
  • Portland Pozzolan cement
  • Ternary blended cement
  • Limestone cement

Let us take a look at the benefits of cement based plasters.

  • It is weather resistant
  • Can be used as a non shrinking material for application
  • You get a smooth surface on walls with better details
  • There are no issues like cracks, bleeding, etc
  • Gives high strength to the constructed walls
  • Supports heavy loads, used in high rise buildings

Cement Based Plasters - Usage & Application

  • To give water tightness to the building structure
  • Used for laying concrete floors, roofs, lintels, beams, pillars, etc
  • Best for the protection of surfaces exposed to extreme weather, rains, windy atmosphere, pollution, etc
  • Fencing posts, pipes manufacturing use cement plaster
  • Bridges construction, dams, tunnels use cement based plaster to give them strength